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The Arizona Center for Divorce Education is comprised of professionals from many different disciplines.

Please complete the form to the right, your questions will be directed to the appropriate professional and you will receive a return call within 48 hours.

If you need immediate assistance, please contact us at 602-456-0088.
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 Legal [Select issues »]
Child custody
Parenting time
Child support
Spousal maintenance
Asset division
Attorney fees
Mediation of legal issues
Joint Debts

 Financial [Select issues »]
Mediation of financial issues
Financial Affidavit (listing of current income/expenses)
Post-Decree Budget
Settlement Proposal Evaluation (is my settlement fair to me?, am I being realistic?)
Tax Questions & Issues
Retirement Assets/Pension
Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO)
Help with financial decisions - keep or sell the house.

 Real Estate [Select issues »]
Real Estate Valuation (Appraisal)
Mortgage Refinance
Home Loan Modification
Quit Claim Deed
Selling the marital home.
Selling a home for less than mortgage balance (Short Sale)
Spouse does not agree to sell.
Real Estate Foreclosure
Commercial Real Estate / Business
Purchase a new home
Lease a residence
 Counseling/Communication [Select issues »]
Help evaluating the decision to divorce
How to approach marital infidelity
How to tell your spouse its over
How to tell the kids
How to tell the extended family
Communicating in the divorce process: how to get what you need
Alleviating hostility in divorce
Recovering after divorce

Please ask any specific questions you have:
The Arizona Center for Divorce Education provides information on the process of divorce and how to protect yourself against potential pitfalls due to lack of knowledge of the divorce process. Learn what to do before you file, pitfalls to avoid during the divorce process, and how to project future retirement benefits and determine a fair division of assets. If you have questions, Ask a Professional. or Register to attend our free monthly seminar.
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