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Arizona Center For Divorce Education - Mission Statement Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to provide educational information and assistance to people considering or in the process of divorce. We are committed that participants in our seminars have the information necessary to make sound decisions for their future, and facilitate the best possible outcome for themselves, their children and their families.

We accomplish our mission by providing a free monthly seminar open to the public addressing the process of divorce and how to protect against the most common financial, legal, and emotional pitfalls.

In addition to the free monthly seminar participants have full access to our professional members. Feel free to ask ask questions; there is no cost or obligation.

About AZCDE:

In 2004 the Arizona Center for Divorce Education was created to meet the wide array of educational and professional needs of couples and families contemplating divorce.

AZCDE is comprised of professionals within many different disciplines, all who are dedicated to providing education and professional services to those considering and in the process of divorce.

Divorce is not simply a legal matter and we are committed that people are conscious of the financial, legal, and emotional consequences of divorce so that they are better able to make sound decisions for their future.

You are invited to join us for an upcoming seminar to educate and protect yourself against the common problems people face before, during and after divorce. You may also contact us with your question by calling 602-456-0088 or sending e-mail to
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